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As a sign of the times, like many legitimate and hard working small businesses, C10Builder is a home based business working out of my home garage.

HOWEVER! With that said, I am a legitimate business that is registered with the State of Arizona and i do have full general liability insurance covering YOUR property while in my possesion. Rest assured your property will be taken care of if anything bad should happen. Ask for a certificate of insurance copy at any time.

Thank you for browsing my website. Be sure to look thru the projects page to see what I can do. If you have a project to start, or continue, or finish, give me a call and we can chat about it. I look forward to your call, I can help you with your project.


Here are some of the questions I get Asked

Can you install Vintage Air Systems or Old Air Systems?

In short, yes. If your looking to upgrade your old in-economical, worn out, out of date technology with a new state of the are A/C system, I can do that. Each job varies in cost as each vehicle is different but we can work out the kit needed and the installation costs.

Where do you get your restoration parts from?

Due to the popularity of older GM (and Ford) vehicles, there are several different companies that make everything, from frames, to new cabs, bed assemblies, body panels, hoods, almost all brackets and hardware. It won't be a problem to find the part we need. Most are even GM approved to their original design specs.

Do you recommend powder coating or painting?

This debate can go on forever. To me, it depends on the item and color needed. We can find the right solution for you together.

Is there a markup on parts?

Yes. The 20% markup is to cover my time for research and finding the correct part needed, ordering the part, putting it into the spreadsheet (to keep trac of costs) Picking up items, delivering items to be painted or powder coate or rebuilt. I have a minimal charge for travel time as well.

What about body work / paint work?

Although some shops have the ability to "do it all" that comes with a price. Their labor rate is usually higher and you can definately pay a premium! But with that said, I can do complete tear down and rebuild / replacement but i am not a body shop or paint shop. I leave that to the pros of the field.

What about Audio Systems?

I can install replacement parts and new audio systems, it its too complicated I can sublet it out to an audio shop.

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