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The old gas station. (A short story)...

My Grandpa on my Father's side of the family lived in a little town in New Mexico called Chillili. (Chill-E-Lee). He had this Ma and Pa gas station and convenience store, you know, the old school kind of store with wooden floorboards and old school gas pumps and glass bottle soda machines.

I grew up in another town in New Mexico east of Albuquerque called Moriarty. On the weekends we would make a round trip thru the mountains. First we would visit my Grandma Anaya (on my mother's side, who lived in Tijeras NM which is not too far away from Chillili). When the weather was nice this weekend round trip usually had me and my brothers and sister riding in the back of my dad’s old chevy truck while mom and dad were in the cab having adult conversation. We would usually stop in Edgewood at Mikes Convenience store for a soda and chips or something like that, and then continue up to "The ranch" but first stopping at my Uncle Mark's place on State Road 217 South of I-40. (Which is close to my Grandma’s).

While my mom and dad visited with my Aunt and Uncle us kids would play outside with my cousins trying not to get into trouble for a bit till we got back in the truck and went up to grandmas. (My Grandpa died when I was three). Arriving at my Grandma’s there was usually a whole plethora of Uncles and Aunt’s and first and second and third cousins also there. My Grandma had 16 children and usually half of them and their families were there as well. We would stay visiting for a few hours and then we’re back in the truck to go to Chililie to visit my Grandma and Grandpa on the other side of the family.

Anyways, getting back to the point of this story, we’d go to Chililie and visit there for a while before going home. Remember the convenience store I started the story with? When i was in my teens my Grandma and Grandpa passed away. The place had been sold, and then closed down. I grew up, moved out, and there was really no reason for me to visit there anymore.

Not too long ago I thought of that old place and searched on the internet for Chililie N.M. and guess what! This picture came up in Google images of my Grandpas old gas station! I was showing the picture (seen to the upper right) to a customer and telling her the story as she was drawing on her iPad. I asked her if I could see what she was drawing and she showed me, it was pretty good. So then I had an idea, could she draw OUR old truck into this picture? (I would love to but it’s not feasible to drive our old Chevy truck to there from Phoenix to Chililie just to park her in front the of the old gas station for a photo opportunity).

This is what Lindsay came up with, A picture of Phyllis (our truck) sitting at my Grandpa’s old gas station. I have it on canvas at our house now.

If you would like to have a high quality canvas print of YOUR vehicle at my granpas old store, go to the C/10 Builder Store and order one today!

You won't be disappointed. 😊

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Lorenzo Foster

A short story for you to enjoy.

Featured Image

My Grandpa's old  gas statoin as it sits today in Chilille N.M.


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